From the Theory to the Implementation and the Delivery of the project


Specialized staff analyzes in detail and design the project taking into account the specifics that it may have, but also the requirements that exist no matter how high they are. In any case, the company HASKIS ENERGY provides for the effective treatment of any kind of problem and declares its readiness to provide solutions to energy issues. 

... to the Implementation

The implementation of the installation is the result of a thorough and in-depth study that has been preceded by our specialized staff. The technically well-trained and experienced team of our company successfully completes every work challenge, implementing its energy work always based on safety and the rules of art and science, faithfully following the requirements of the customer in line with compliance with international standards.

and the Delivery of the project

The delivery of the project is preceded by its mechanical and energy control by the technical director and the engineers of the company, who are certified for the effective execution of the project by testing the installation for its safe and correct operation and if its implementation is deemed successful. we have only been asked to give you the "turnkey".

We undertake the Complete and Timely Completion of Any Project, Initially Carrying out a Comprehensive Study.

Our Services

Our company, thanks to its experience and unquestionable know-how in the field of energy projects, is able to undertake the complete
and timely execution of any project, carrying out initially a comprehensive study and then proceeding with its implementation.
Our development opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing

Internal Combustion Engine Studies & Installations

with the key in hand.

Network installations

solid, liquid & gaseous materials.

Medium and High Voltage Systems Designs & Installations

 with the key in hand.

Designs, Constructions & Installations

Power Panels .

Mechanical Studies

Designs, Constructions & Installations

Automation for all kinds of applications.