From theory...

Qualified personnel analyze in detail and design each project lamvanontas view of the differences that can have, but the requirements are as high as they might be. In any case, the CHASKIS ENERGY company provides for effectual treatment of all kinds problem and is ready to provide a solution to energy-related issues. action

The implementation of the facility is the result of thorough and in-depth study which is preceded by our qualified staff. The technically well-qualified and experienced of our group is to successfully complete each job challenge, realizing its energy work always with safety and the rules of art and science in strict accordance with customer requirements in composition on compliance with international specifications.


Prior to project delivery, the mechanical and energy audit of the technical director and the company's engineers, who ensure the efficient execution of the project to test the plant for safe and proper operation and if the implementation successful of work requested us, it remains only to give you "turnkey".